About our Process

Cabinet Refresh is your DIY remodeling partner when it comes to changing the look and feel of your existing kitchen cabinetry. We work with your current cabinet layout and provide new doors, drawer fronts, door hinges, hardware (knobs & pulls), laminate countertops, and installation. Homeowners may paint their cabinet boxes and faceframes themselves, or contract with the painter of their choice. We also offer painter referrals upon request. Most homeowners can paint their cabinet faceframes and cabinet boxes at their leisure with minimal effort and cost.

Cabinet Refresh isn’t a full scale remodel that tears apart your entire house. On the day of installation, the only items that need to be removed from your cabinets are the items in your drawers- even major appliances can remain in place. We lay down protective mats to preserve your flooring and are courteous of your home. The only work we do in your home is attaching the doors and drawer fronts, the rest of the work is performed in our on-site trailer. We can typically do an entire kitchen installation in less than a business day.

Estimates are always free, and we bring all of our selection samples right to your home. We offer service from Bismarck to Fargo and are licensed to do work in both North Dakota and Minnesota. We accept Visa and MasterCard.

Product Details

  • doors are made from high density MDF & superior quality PVC
  • solid, durable, & impact resistant
  • easy to clean- use mild soap & water
  • 5 year warranty against manufacture defects

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Curious About Your Investment?

Cabinet Refresh is an excellent resource when selling your home if your current kitchen is missing that ‘wow factor.’ First impressions are everything when selling your home, and outdated cabinetry ages the house and often fails to impress potential buyers. A minimal investment in light cabinet refacing from Cabinet Refresh will give your cabinets a fresh up to date look, adding value and visual appeal to your home.